Biomedical Computer Vision Group at UniAndes

Our field of research is computer vision, the area of artificial intelligence seeking automated understanding of visual information, and our main domain of application is quantitative analysis of biomedical data. We aim at leveraging recent progress in computer vision and machine learning to contribute to the solution of high-impact and large-scale biological and medical problems of the real world. Our ongoing projects include: automated analysis of facial expressions, video understanding, and early diagnosis of brain and lung cancer.


pablo arbelaez 


Pablo Arbelaez

Associate Professor

Department of Biomedical Engineering

pa.arbelaez 'at'

Office ML-430, Ext. 1783

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  • 08/2017: 6 Published articles (Oral Presentations) at SIPAIM.

  • 01/2017: Published article in TPAMI.  

  • 11/2016: Postdoc position in biomedical computer vision available. Contact Pablo Arbelaez for further details.

  • 09/2016: Ph.D. opportunities in biomedical computer vision for top students. Contact Pablo Arbelaez for further details.